The world’s first Smart AQ Monitor, TAM provides reliable information about air quality in real time and will replace monitors that have been monopolized by advanced countries for decades.

Tiny Aerosol Conditioner inside Air Monitor

Antarctic atmospheric environment measurement completed⇒ Loss rate 0%, Relative precision 99.8%

Gonggam Sensors’ PM monitor, TAM, chosen to measure the Antarctic atmosphere


The Gonggam Sensors’ PM monitor, TAM, was installed on the icebreaker Araon of the Korea Polar Research Institute, which departed for Antarctica on October 30, 2022 and entered the port on April 27, 2023. Antarctic air quality monitoring were successfully performed using TAMs. The left picture shows the Araon and two TAMs installed on it. The right figure shows the concentration of PM2.5 measured by the TAMs on the route of the Araon sailing to the Antartica.

As a result of the two TAMs that overcame the cold and wet blizzard in Antarctic and successfully completed the voyage for Antarctic, we confirmed a relative precision of 99.8% or more (US EPA certification requires a relative precision of 85% or more for the beta-ray monitoring method). The TAMs required no maintenance during the 6-month voyage, and performed without any data loss.

The world’s first Tiny Aerosol Conditioner Technology


Fine dust (particulate matter) is a highly hygroscopic particulate matter, making it difficult to measure accurately in real time. So all the expensive monitoring instruments have a large heater rod. However, this structure not only causes a lot of energy consumption and high management but also requires a long time (1 hour to several days) to measure.

We allowed the flow of the measured air to flow from bottom to top as opposed to the conventional method. This structure enables direct heating, which uses up to 10 watts of electrical power and reduces the size by 10,000 times. Dried air does not cause scattering light property changes in the light scattering monitor, enabling real-time (5 seconds) accurate measurements (99.3% correlation coefficient with a BAM1020 monitor in winter).

This technology is protected by new technology certification and patents.

Introducing the real air now services by using TAM

The real-time accurate ultrafine dust measurement service can solve the problem of ultrafine dust exposure caused by incorrect information by using low-resolution temporal-spatial information displayed on fine dust indicators.

It can detect environmentally destructive behaviors such as illegal incineration, air pollution-causing vehicles, and wildfires in real time.

Accurate outdoor air quality information Accurate outdoor air quality information and reduce energy consumption.

It ensures the immediate detection of fog and smog so that citizens who exercise at night and dawn can do outdoor activities safely.

Experience Korean Air Quality Monitoring (K-AQM) at AirNow (airnow.kr) right now.

Peer-reviewed International journal

The state-of-the-art techniques used in the system have been published in a renowned international journal and have been reviewed by international experts. The journal name is MDPI Sensors, and the impact factor in 2022 is 3.847. This paper is an open-access paper that can be downloaded for free. You can download it from the following URL.


Tiny Aerosol Conditioner inside Air Monitor

POC Phase II

2022.10.31 ~ 2023.04.30

Antarctic atmospheric environment measurement completed⇒ Loss rate 0%, Relative precision 99.8%


2023.06.21 ~ 2023.10.11

Measuring the Arctic atmospheric environment ⇒ Loss rate 0%


TAM, Tiny aerosol conditioner inside Air Monitor

TAM (Tiny aerosol conditioner inside Air Monitor) is a fine particulate matter monitor. This device uses a light scattering method, but TAM has a built-in tiny aerosol conditioner, The system has a built-in micro-aerosol conditioner, so there is no performance degradation problem for hygroscopic aerosols. In addition, it has high durability that requires little maintenance or cleaning. With stable electric circuit technology, it has remarkably accurate measurement capabilities that cannot be compared with other monitors. TAM is s faster, uses less energy, requires smaller footprint than a beta-ray PM monitor, and has high price competitiveness.

Anyone can easily install TAM (TAC-inside air monitor) because it is plug-and-play

Real-time PM2.5 information measured by TAM can be easily found anytime, anywhere through AirNow (airnow.kr).

TAM provides a beta-ray meter and online linear regression services that operate at the nearest national monitoring station.

TAM has secured high competitiveness in durability and accuracy by demonstrating the atmospheric environment of four monitoring stations in Korea.

TAM is the first Korean company to provide information through GGS API to IQAir, a company specializing in glow air quality monitoring. By installing TAM, people can check the average PM2.5 information per minute on AirNow, and the average PM2.5 information per hour on the AirVisual app provided by IQAir.

Administrators can easily perform an online assessment of TAM by selecting the desired duration in AirNow, which can be used as an online precision test.

You can easily download the current and historical data source as a csv file, and you can easily download the online evaluation results as a PDF file.

Measurement method: Light scattering method (with asian dust correction algorithm)
Operating system: TAM OS 1.5
Main monitoring data: PM2.5
Auxiliary monitoring data: PM1.0, PM4.0, PM10, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure
PM2.5 sensor: 0 to 999μg/㎥
Minimum unit: 0.1μg/㎥
Measurement time: 5 seconds mean
Wireless data transmission period: 1 minute
Dehumidifier: Embedded automatic controlled tiny aerosol conditioner
Logging: 1 minute logging 28 years (1GB storage space), remote logging (server airnow.kr)
Operating temperature : -20 ~ 50 °C (-4 ~ 122°F)
Relative humidity sensor: 0-100%
Barometric pressure sensor: 300 to 1100 hPa
Wireless Communication: wireless data transmission to the server (airnow.kr), WiFi 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n, WiFi Security : WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Data service : https://airnow.kr, GGS API, Online Assessment
Power : 100/240VAC
Maximum power consumption: 4.7 W (maximum heater power)
Size (WDH, cm): 13.8 × 8 × 17 (for indoor use), 22 × 13.5 × 21 (for outdoor use)
Certificates: Korea Certificate (R-R-7GG-GGS727), PM monitor certificate by Korean ministry of environment (KTR-2021-16), New technology certificate (제1387호)
Warranty period: 1 year
Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea (South Korea)


TAM can be installed outdoors in a variety of forms by using a dedicated rainproof enclosure.

The rainproof enclosure can receive GPS and WIFI signals by using anti-static polycarbonate material.

There is enough space where an LTE modem is installed inside, so the LTE modem can be installed in the rainproof enclosure if you cannot use WiFi. Once connected to the internet, you can easily access the past and last data at https://airnow.kr/.

Long Stand

Installed on a floor with anchor bolts


Installed on a street lamp or a power pole

Short stand

Installed on a desk