Our Shared responsibility for the AIR and CLIMATE justice


We Practice air and climate justice by protecting citizens’ health and responding to climate change by measuring fine particulate matters and providing reliable and timely information.


Acquiring customers. Retaining customers. Turning customers into brand ambassadors

The world’s first smart air quality monitor, TAM, will replace AQ monitors that have been monopolized by developed countries for decades.


Let’s joyfully do good things.

SON Myunghee, CEO

Founder, Gonggam Sensors (2020 ~ )
Principal Researcher, ETRI (2000 ~ )
Founder and CEO, Smart Ecotech (2011 ~ 2012)
Ph.D. in Eng. of Info. & Com. from CNU
M.S. in Eng. of Computer from CNU
B.S. in Eng. of Aerospace from CNU

Ability is the outcome of hard work.

BAEK Sung Hoon, CTO

Co-founder, Gonggam Sensors (2020 ~ )
Associate Professor, Jungwon Univ. (2011 ~ 2023.2)
Principal Researcher, Samsung Electronics (2008~2011)
Engineering Staff, ETRI (1999~2006)
Ph.D. and B.S. in Eng. of Electrical & Electronic from KAIST